Date: Tue, 20 Dec 2011 
From: Alex Chernov <alex_stovemaster(at)>
Subject: Evergreen Brickworks oven

Hi again, Norbert.
We have done lots of interesting work this year and I am planning to share some photos about some projects. It is just that I am always behind posting stuff at my web site for at least half a year.
Here are some pictures of an outdoor community oven built for the Chimney Court Children's Garden at the Evergreen Brickworks    - a former brick factory converted to a place to host a national environmental organization- Evergreen, a farmers market, outdoor and indoor educational areas, meeting and event space, restaurants, and dedicated to greening of our cities - a pretty cool site full of activities, featuring old brick tunnel kilns and a leaning brick chimney.
The oven is a 48" diameter dome. Finish is reclaimed red brick and natural field stone called Pennsylvania Chicken Stone. Top is done in waterproof stucco. It is my design; built by three Stovemaster masons: myself, Sergei Kouznetsov and Matt Froud.
The oven is used in their children educational program and is planned to be also used for different outdoor parties and cooking classes. I have done my first paid oven cooking class for the Evergreen staff using this oven :) During the class that covered the entire process from firing to using the oven for various types of food, we did pizza, smoked trout, grilled vegetables, grilled chicken, roasted vegetables salad, and babaganouch.