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To: Richard Smith - Executive Director
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Subject: Masonry Heater Salesman at KIRIKIRI(the report#6)

Hello Richard Smith and all my friends of M.H.A.,

Nowadays some suffered people are getting small job,repairing their houses,
preparing to move to the temporary houses which are on the building from
shelter.But most of the people are difficult to get their jobs.

We continue to serve OFURO by firewoodboiler and making so much firewood.
Oneday the person who is coming from Osaka as a volunteer said
people) could sell these firewood for the user of firewood stove user in
whole Japan".
Yesterday they stared new bussiness to sell the firewood from destroyed
houses.Now the amount of orders from whole Japan are about over $10,000 in a
few days!
And we are making small domestic economical system to recycle money in the
village KIRIKIRI.
They are printing giftcertificate which can be used at only the shops(most
of them are suffered and closed but)at KIRIKIRI.And they pay the salary by
cash or giftcertificate(20% profitable than cash)for making firewood.
Anyway the new firewood bussiness has started at KIRIKIRI yestrday.
Ofcourse we can export to North America  them by tanker(huge ship) from
Anybody orders?

99% of the firewood from suffered houses are from coniferous trees.So many
(iron) stoveuser and dealer dislike to use these wood.
But they are very nice to combustion by Masonry Heater.
I had been consulted from a man who is building his suffered house and
thinking install firewood stove.
I have only answer:Firewood stove has to be Masonry Heater.
He(the name is MASAHIKO HAGA) was very interested in M.H..
At once I called Mr.Nozaki who sponsered for the workshops of M.H. in Iwate
Japan and asked he has kept the heater which TOM TROUT designed for small
Japanese house(but 3 ton) and directed to build about three years ago.He had
kept yet.
Next day they contructed.
Hickory is keep the seet of the TOP SALES MAN of Masonry Heater in Japan.
Someone must commend Hickory at Wildacres someday!

the most thanks and best regards,
Fierwood boilerman &
Masonry Heater salesman
Hikari Hickory Fukazawa

the house just after Tsunami.jpg

preparing for instalation of M.H. at the house.jpg

M.H. arrived in front of the house at KIRIKIRI.jpg

Installed M.H..jpg

Mr.Nozaki the dealer of M.H.(many M.H.A.members know).jpg