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Sent: Tuesday, May 10, 2011 
To: Richard Smith - Executive Director
Cc: Beverly Marois
Subject: report #5 Cod fish flags at KIRIKIRI

Hello Richard and all friends of M.H.A.,

The project is going very well.
Also the people from the other village are coming to our OFURO so that we
are very pleased to serve everyday.

Nowadays suffered fishermen are started their work.
Some fishermen have gone to work and sold harvest and taken back to KIRIKIRI
some remained fishes.
This morning they brought some hundreds of Cod fishes.
They cut and opened them very beutifully and some of them were boiled, some
were added salt and baked and almost of them remained were just salted and
being dryed for a few days.
Just dryed ones are very nice for Sake.
The suffered people are getting cheer because they have been recovering
their profession and pride.

Cod fishes are hunging besides Carp flags.
It is so beutiful.
The symbol of their revival I feel.

with full of thanks and the warmest regards from Camp KIRIKIRI

MHJ manager
 Hikari Hickory Fukazawa