Hi Marge,
Please find attach, a message from Hikari from yesterday. Even though the MHA is donating $500.00 for the membership, (Thank you MHA Board) your last posting will allow members to set their own special contribution.
In Hikari's email, he mentions Don Bosco masonry heater. That is one of the masonry heaters we built in Japan several years ago.  They refer to his wife's store and bakery as Don Bosco. John and Rod were the builders.

Gary Hart

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Subject: from the front line to resque Tsunami disaster
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Hello Gary,
cc Bev,

Thank you so much for your kind mail.
And I certainly sent reply you at once just after your mail.
Anyway very sorry to be late my report about the huge disaster by earthequake
and Tsunami.

We family in Ohasama are all safe including two daughters in Tokyo.And Takuya
is also alive.Last Saturday we drunk wine silently in order to reduce? my
stress of my job.

At that time of the huge erarthquake 11th I was in Shinakansen train for Tokyo.
But fortunately the train had just stopped at Fukushiama staion so that we
were safe and I had to spend at resque shelter two night and 13th night I
could return home after 10 hours travel by bus.

Even at two days resque space I could enjoy Kirin Beer and Bread of Don Bosco
which I had kept as souvenir for my friends in Tokyo.
The damage of Tsunami at coast side is so terrible that maybe several ten
thousands people were died.Also intimate friends of mine lived in the coast town
have not seen even now.I lost many friends maybe...
My office in Tono is so near to coast(20miles) that now we have promoted
supplying hot water project for OFURO(to take bath,shower) .
The first 2 weeks jsut after the earthquake we had built and had delivered
very simple boier and kitchen stoves made of drum(can) barrels and U shape
gutter for road construction and ofcourse masonry slab(castable) as cover of
furnace. The firewood is gathered broken and flowed houses by Tsunami.

And now
we are preparing as the second stage THE MOBILE FIREWOOD BOILER PROJECT.
Two 100kW firewood boilers on the trucks will be work for the thousands of
people staying at shelters.They had not taken bath for 3 weeks.
We are planning to move around 30 shelters by 2 trucks with firewood boiler,
hot water tank,pump and generator. And the real aim of this project is to to
create the jobs of the people in the shelter and temporary houses.
For instance preparing firewood and delivering hot water for their comunity.
They could work for their comunity by themselves until they recover their
"ordinary lives".
It is my mission as a governmental officer and a MAKIWARIST.

Our Pechka and M.H. of Don Bosco are no problem though it was so strong
shaking at also Ohasama(at Fukushima was unbelievable although I have been a
friend of
Masonry Heater in Don Bosco is completely safe and very usuful for survival of
Shuko's parents during electricity had completely stopped  for 3days.
Firewood is great!

Thank you again and again for your kindness,

Jaa nee,

Hikari Hickory FUKAZAWA

Could you(Gary and Bev) send this mail to members of MHA?
I attach some pictuers in these weeks and rough drwaing about our mobile
firewood boiler project.