Date: Mon, 1 Nov 2010 
Subject: RE: Feedback from New England
See attached: <<Woodshed.jpg>>


As we enter our fourth season with our  masonry heater, we just finished building our mack daddy woodshed from which to feed our mack daddy heater.  It's not quite done but we just couldn't wait and got most of our firewood put up this weekend; it still needs the doors hung on the toolshed in the left bay and needs to be oiled.

With the cooler weather upon us, I hear my friends grousing about their boilers cycling on with greater frequency and just smile to myself thinking about the quiet, gentle warmth provided by my masonry heater.  We actually look forward to firing it up each season and burned about five cords in each of the first three seasons.

If not obvious, Paula and I are still tickled pink with our  heater.

Thanks again!