Date: Sat, 28 Aug 2010 19:38:35 -0400 (EDT)

From: Landmark-Dale Demary <>
To: Norbert Senf <>
Subject: Re: bake oven

Hey Norbert... thanks for the pic post!  A little trick on the chimney I'd like to pass on to the guys....
A short section 8X12 flue supports an insulated 8 X 8 AND a 12 X 12 (around the 8X8) giving me
a "cool" pass thru at the roof and other wood framed components.  The only trick to getting the
8 X 12 reduced to 8 X 8 involved a couple pcs of custom cut soap tile to block off the (8X12's )
ends that would be larger than the 8 X 8 dimensions.  Then a simple concrete cast cap to
waterproof the top of the 12 X 12 and  some custom (and surface adhered) flashing metal and
voila!  the 12X12 is cool as a cucmber. Even our client was quick enough to ask how the 12 X 12
was supported (surprised me).  The short section of 8 X 12 that starts me off is sitting on the door
work in the front and directly on my cast oven module at the rear.  Ciao!