From: Stephen Bushway <sbushway(at)>
To: Norbert Senf <mheat(at)>
Subject: pencils
Date: Thu, 05 Nov 2009

I wanted to share a tip I got from a woodworker and heater client.  He 
was watching me struggle to sharpen my carpenter's pencil and showed 
me this pencil. 

This pencil should replace the carpenter's pencil.  
They may be cheaper to make and put advertising on, but the idea never 
should have caught on. 

"My First Pencil" will better put the line 
where you intended and is easily sharpened.  The sharpener doesn't 
taper the tip as much as a regular pencil, so they're not prone to 
break and the bigger diameter makes them easy for mason hands to 
hold.  I get them at Staples.  (then throw your aggravating 
carpenter's pencils away..)

Along those lines, I decided to buy some gloves like Alex uses and am 
sold on them.  (as long as my wife doesn't see them and ask me to do 
the dishes).  I used to use the latex surgical type gloves but didn't 
like that they weren't easy to re-use and tore easily.  I bought the 
"Alex gloves" at, "value master flock lined latex 
glove, item # 120-1577
.  The ten-pack was $10.

Oh yeah, I learned a little about testing, too!



Hi Steve:

Thanks for the tip on pencils.

Red china markers are neat, also. We use them around
the wetsaw. Less precise, but the marks don't wash off with water.

Have a good one ........ Norbert