From: "Marcus Flynn" <pyromasse(@)>
To: "Norbert Senf" <mheat(@)>
Subject: RE: Heater
Date: Wed, 2 Sep 2009

Hello Norbert,
              Enclosed is a heater built by a (good)  guy I trained in
France recently. He built one core with me, and faced it alone, and
then built this one completely by himself. Its a dark image, but he is in an
exeptionaly cramped location.
              I am sending the image in the hope that if posted it may
encourage him and his business. He has got a diploma, a, saw, registered his
business, and is starting out as a hand builder in Normandy.

Retrofit, North American contraflow heater by
Pyromasse trained Jean-Luc Rosolenet. 
Normandie France.
( 100% lime mortar facing.....) This is his web site url.


Heater by Jean-Luc Rosolenet