Bell Heater and Combustion Testing Workshop

with Alex Chernov and Norbert Senf
Caledon, Ontario  --  October 23 - 25, 2009

Download Workshop Outline - updated on Sept 23/09

September 22/09:
Note: Worshop is fully booked with 12 attendees

1) Steve Bushway
2) Joel Dick
3) Tristan Lebreton
4) Colin Coveny
5) Carsten Homstead
6) Chris Springer
7) Paul Anderson
8) Doug Mayer
9) Jerry Frisch
10) Jim Frisch
11) Mathew Froud
12) Richard Porter


bell heater
Section drawing of proposed testing heater.

Schematic illustration of the Condar portable dilution tunnel.

Condar setup at Lopez Labs Shawville (Masonry Stove Builders)

Condar testing at Cold Climate Housing Research Center, Fairbanks Alaska.

If you've made it this far down the page, and would like some in-depth reading on masonry heater emissions
and testing, check out the ground breaking 1991 workshop at OMNI-Test Laboratories in Oregon:

Short Course on Masonry Heater Emissions Testing Methods and Combustion Design

Testing Examples Page


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