From: Svenska Jordhus <svenskajordhus(at)>
To: mheat(at)
Subject: baking oven
Date: Sun, 30 Nov 2008

Hello to everybody,

My name is Johannes Riesterer. I am a German born oven-builder living 
and working in Sweden.
I build only Finnish fireplaces, because I think they are superior to 
all other oven-types. My trade I learned from the best there is, 
Heikki Hyytiaienen, through him I got my Finnish master degree in oven- building.
Heikki and I still work together: a mounth ago we built a 20 ton 
baking oven. It is the largest and most effective as we know in 
Skandinavia. With 75 kg wood you can bake 500 kg bread a day.
I send you a picture of our oven.
What does it takes to be part of your very interesting and informative

Best regards