Date: Tue, 28 Apr 2009
From: Alex Chernov <alex_stovemaster(at)>
Subject: pictures of John's ovens
To: Norbert Senf <mheat(at)>
Cc: fishermasonry(at)

Hi Norbert:

With John Fisher's permission, I am sending you pictures of beautiful ovens he built for one of the artisan bakeries in Sweden. I have taken these pictures the last year and it only took me a year and a half to organize them and put them together for you :)...

John can comment on location and full names of the owners, I only remember that their first names are Lars and Mena. While there, I have met Manfred Enoksson, a top Swedish artisan baker who is considered to be one of the two best bakers in the country. Manfred has another double-deck oven of John's design in his own bakery and believes that John's ovens are the best ovens he ever baked in.

May be John will have some comments in regards to my report? I cc the message to him and ask him for his input.

 On the first two pictures, John presents a new version of a cheap very-fast-and-easy-to-build heater we have discovered in a roadside cafe. The heater's firebox TV can display lively flame of your choice accompanied by crackling sound of your choice played in a DVD-player hidden behind the bake oven door. The heater also can work in a simple TV mode, when not "fired"… As for heat… we think that this pr problem can be easily solved by adding a little heat fan into this fine design...


John Fisher 







Date: Wed, 29 Apr 2009
From: John Fisher <fishermasonry(at)>
Subject: Re: pictures of John's ovens
To: Norbert Senf <mheat(at)>, Alex Chernov <alex_stovemaster(at)>

hi norbert and alex,

   that bakery is named Lyckans Stenugnsbageri :

   the ovens are built for german loading planks which save time and energy during loading. unloading is still done with the single peel.

   antoine guerlain was there for the beginning of that project. the attached fotos are from that time. we call it my foam glass period because i was using foam glass for everything; base slab insulation, throat forms, stress skin type panels for the outer skin of the oven, and even ornamental friezes and crowns.

   at Lyckans Stenugnsbageri they use only organic ingredients and are striving for carbon neutrality through cooperative wind energy. one of the graduate students at gothenburg's polytechnic university is writing a paper on the bakery comparing it with other commercial bakeries. the paper will examine these attempts at carbon neutrality.

   correction: Manfred Enoksson is simply one of sweden's best bakers.
("top two" has no real meaning. there is no ranking system.) he doesn't have his own bakery, but is rather a travelling teacher, giving baking courses under the aegis of Saltå Kvarn (, one of the largest organic food companies in sweden. manfred is a friend and consultant to all of my bakery customers.  his opinion is that one of my double deck ovens is his favorite. that oven is featured on my website and is located in Höje, Värmland. here is a report from a recent bread course;

lars gustavsson is the owner/baker there. he won the "best sourdough bread" prize at eldrimner's  ( baking expo last year.