MHA Masonry Heater & Oven Design Contests

Annual MHA Design/Build Contest

The MHA sponsors an annual Masonry Heater & Oven Design/Build contest with three categories: Masonry Heaters, Bake Ovens, and Masonry. Three expert judges assign points to each entry without knowing who the entrant is. Judging is done based on aesthetics, skill in craftsmanship, creative use of materials, and overall design.

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Thank you to our esteemed veteran judges Pat Manley, Glen Overk, and Gary Hart for taking the time to carefully judge each entry.  The judges did not know who did the work – they looked at photos and descriptions only. The entries were judged on the following: Skill in Craftsmanship, Aesthetics, Creativity, and Overall Design.  The scoring was very close, and in some cases only one point separated third from fourth, etc.

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Thank you to judges Stephen Bushway, current president, and Glen Overk, and Norbert Senf, both past presidents of the MHA for taking time to judge this contest.

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