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    I’m a stonemason planning my first masonry heater build for my new home, and though I’m familar with the black and white bake oven principle in masonry heaters, I’m wondering if it might be possible to incorporate a more traditional domed pizza oven into the design. The oven design I’m referring to where the oven gets fired from within and the vent is located above the door. Given the design function of the heater, am I correct in assuming that it would be disadvantageous to insulate the pizza oven? On it’s own I would insulate the core of the pizza oven to maximize its efficiency, keeping heat from bleeding out to the facade, but would this creat a problem with the efficiency of the masonry heater? Conversely, would a lack of insulation and the thermal mass surrounding the oven restrict the ability for the oven to reach maximum temperature efficiently? That is, would the masonry heater act as a heat sink during the off heating season?
    Haven’t seen any posts on this forum, so crossing my fingers that there’s just a whole crowd of heater builders chomping at the bit waiting for a question.
    Thanks, Daniel

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