The following projects were entered in the 2014 MHA Contest:

2014 Contest Winners:

Masonry Heater
First Place: Dan Givens (Large stone heater with heated bench, bake oven, wood storage and alcove)
First Place: (tie) Jon Madle and Jesse Pham (Brick heater, with heated benches and bake oven, hand-made tiles)
Second Place: Jessica Steinhauser (Cobalt blue Kachelofen)
Third Place: Dan Givens (Stone heater in log cabin)

Bake Oven
First Place: Dave Wilcox (Stone bake oven on one side, Rumford fireplace on the other)
Second Place: Steven Bushway
Third Place: Frank Brown

First Place: Dan Givens
Second Place: Dave Wilcox (Brick chimney, indoor fireplace, outdoor fireplace and oven)
Third Place: Patrick Rokas

How Judging is completed:
Entries are submitted in a binder and given a number so that the judges do not know whose work is represented. Judges are given criteria which includes aesthetics, skill in craftsmanship, attention to detail, creative use of materials, and level of difficulty. Points are also awarded for following instructions for the entry. The judges are asked to score on a 1-10 rating for each criteria. At least two judges judge each project. The project managers then add up the scores, check it twice, then a total score is given to each project. We work hard to assure that the contest is fair and unbiased.